Got Questions About Braces? Here Are Your Answers

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by Ana Jhones

Got Questions About Braces? Here Are Your Answers

If you want the best and most successful orthodontic treatment possible, then it’s best to know everything there is to know about braces and orthodontics in Freehold, New Jersey.

To help you get started on learning more about orthodontics, our Advanced Center for Orthodontics team has provided the answers to the following frequently asked questions:

Why is good oral hygiene with braces important?

Food particles and plaque tend to get stuck in the smile and appliance, which poses a threat on your oral health and orthodontic treatment. If you don’t keep up on oral hygiene, it could result in tooth decay, gum disease, enamel stains, and tooth discoloration.

How should I clean my teeth and braces?

It’s best to clean your teeth and braces with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. We recommend brushing your teeth after each meal and snack and flossing your smile at least once a day. Doing these things will help you stay on track with your orthodontic treatment.

How do braces feel?

There are times when your braces might make your teeth a bit sore, especially after tightening appointments. At these times, make sure to have a soft-foods diet and take a pain reliever. You can also find comfort with orthodontic wax if your braces are poking or bothering you.

How long do I have to wear braces?

Your treatment time depends solely on how misaligned your teeth and bite are. Usually, orthodontic treatment can last anywhere from 18 to 30 months. When you are done with your treatment, you will need to wear a retainer.

What foods should I avoid eating?

Unfortunately, there are many foods that you should avoid eating, like sugary, starchy, sticky, and chewy foods. We also recommend that you stop drinking soda.

We understand that braces and orthodontics can be confusing and overwhelming, so if you have any questions that were not included in this blog, please feel free to call our office at 732-308-0022. Your orthodontist, Dr. Michael Chung, and our friendly orthodontic team are more than happy to help you in any way we can!

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